Lisa J. States, MD

Lisa J. States, MD
Attending Radiologist
Associate Professor of Radiology

Dr. Lisa States is an Attending Radiologist within the Divisions of Body Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, the Director of the Section of Oncologic Imaging, and a Professor of Clinical Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania. She received her Medical Degree from Cornell University Medical Center and completed a Radiology residency at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a Pediatric Radiology Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She holds board certification in diagnostic radiology and pediatric radiology.

Dr. States is a member of both national and international societies, including the World Molecular Imaging Society, International Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Medicine, American College of Radiology, Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), Radiological Society of North America, Children's Oncology Group, and Society for Pediatric Radiology. She is currently the President of the Pediatric Imaging Council for the SNMMI. Dr. States serves as a reviewer for the journals of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Nuclear Medicine, American College of Radiology, Pediatric Radiology, Future Oncology, and more.

Dr. States has been invited to give over 60 lectures both nationally and internationally. She has published papers, reviews, and editorials in journals such as Pediatric Radiology, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and Clinical Cancer Research. She is author of over 50 abstracts presented at conferences such as the Society for Pediatric Radiology, Radiological Society of North America, Journal of Pediatric Surgery, and European Society for Pediatric Radiology annual meetings. In 2018, Dr. States received the “Be My Sugar Award for Medical Excellence” from Congenital Hyperinsulinism International. She is currently Principal Investigator on a project funded by the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) BioTherapeutics Impact Award as well as two additional grants funded by industrial partners. Current projects include the evaluation and development of new radiotracers and Federated learning.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. States has dedicated her academic career to the advancement of pediatric imaging with a focus on pediatric oncology, magnetic resonance imaging, and pediatric nuclear medicine. As Director of the Section of Oncologic Imaging at CHOP, her current clinical research focus includes improving reporting and communication of oncology reports. Current projects include radiogenomics and personalized therapy in NBL, 18F-DOPA PET scan imaging for diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors and focal lesions of congenital hyperinsulinism, and optimization and incorporation of PET/MR imaging into routine clinical practice. She is currently serves as investigator of the NIH-funded project “PennPET Explorer Scanner with Scalable Axial Length for Total Body PET.”

Notable career achievements include:

  • Sponsor and signatory of IND for investigative radiotracer 18F-DOPA.
  • Director of Oncologic Imaging at CHOP
  • Creation of a successful pediatric PET/MR program at a free-standing children’s hospital

Dr. States’ primary research focus is the evaluation of the efficacy of 18F-L-Fluoro-DOPA (F-DOPA) PET/CT scan for localization of focal pancreatic lesions in children with hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia. She is co-investigator for the Next Generation Personalized Neuroblastoma Therapy (NEPENTHE) trial, which uses imaging to detect and guide biopsy of tumors to provide samples for genetic sequencing to create personalized treatment.

Publication Highlights

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Research Focus: Oncologic Imaging, Hybrid Imaging

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Oncologic Imaging, Fetal Imaging