Ensar Yekeler, MD

Dr. Ensar Yekeler
Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Imaging Research Fellow

Dr. Ensar Yekeler is a European Board of Radiology certified radiologist. He received his undergraduate and medical degree from Istanbul Medical School, Istanbul, Turkey. He completed the radiology residency at Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and continued to work at the same university hospital as a faculty member and obtained subspecialty certification in pediatric radiology. Before joining CHOP, Ensar had worked in private practice in Istanbul, Turkey as a consultant radiologist and had been working with the newest imaging equipment and performing advanced exams including but not limited to cardiac MRI and cardiovascular CT. He has also managed many types of research and has national and international publications. He is the author of the most comprehensive Bone Age Atlas of the Turkish Population.

Research Focus: 
Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Imaging