Brittany Bennett, MA

Brittany Bennett, MA
Medical Illustrator

Brittany leads RIVER, a studio that creates custom medical illustrations for the Radiology Department. She collaborates with radiologists and researchers to visually communicate complex information to different audiences. Her work is published in journal articles, grants proposals, academic presentations, and educational materials for patients, families, and medical trainees. She also specializes in 3D modeling (sculpting) and helps create assets for the CHAMP 3D Printing Lab.

She earned her Master of Arts in Medical and Biological Illustration from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine In 2019, and joined the Department of Radiology at CHOP later that year. Before that, she studied fine art the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and biology at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn BFA ’16).

*RIVER: Radiological Illustration & Visuals for Education & Research