Adarsh Ghosh, MD

Adarsh Ghosh
Artificial Intelligence Research Fellow

Adarsh is the Artificial Intelligence Research Fellow at the Department of Radiology, CHOP. He completed his post-graduation in Radio-diagnosis from the prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India, where he was awarded the gold medal for graduating at the top of his class. He further received extensive hands-on training in various aspects of body imaging as well as interventional radiology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for the past three years. Before joining CHOP, Adarsh served on the on-call team providing emergency interventional radiology care at AIIMS.

Quantitative diffusion imaging, its standardisation and utilisation in clinical problem solving were the primary foci of Adarsh’s research during his post-graduation. His interests in radiomics lead him to work on the various aspects of machine learning and AI. At the same time, his belief that AI won’t replace radiologists, lead him to demonstrate how the inclusion of a radiologists opinion into a machine learning algorithm improved the accuracy of the algorithm. Adarsh’s most current research interests include ethics and interpretability of AI in clinical medicine.